Monica (Nica) Kananga, coFounder & coDirector, Laci Ministry

L.A.C.I. Ministry (Laci) is made up of 7 Companies offering Products and Services that help you organize and manage your life.  L.A.C.I ... Life's Areas of Constant Improvement ... broken down life into 4 main Ministries; Wholeness, Serving, Marriage, and Parenting ... are areas in your life that require consistent improving in order that one might experience a purposeful life that is fruitful and fulfilling.

Laci will help you in living and fulfilling Gods purpose for your life ... a disciple lifestyle that is fruitful and fulfilling.  Our products and services will support you in your Purpose, Health, Relationships, Time, Contribution, Finances, Calling Development, Business, Marriage, and Parenting ... living at optimum in your health, achieving work life balance, investing your time where it matters most, adding value, getting paid to live your passion, leaving a legacy, finding and living a joyous life with your ideal partner, and raising Remnants.

Our vision is to create innovative solutions that help people organize and manage their lives in order that one might live a purposeful life that is fruitful & fulfilling.
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Life Management; Using biblical principles, Laci School teaches Christians to live a purposeful life that is fruitful and fulfilling. Download myLaci, your very own Life Management System complete with planners and trackers to help you renew your mindset, set your goals, organize, and manage your life ... Learn Life Management at our online school LaciOnline ... Buy LaciBooks ... and Attend our Life Management Workshop - 7 Days to Transform your Life.  In addition Citizens are invited to join The KPS Club and stay connected to Kingdom Paradigm Shifting Peers, Mentors, and Mentees.
Health Management; From creating and achieving your health goals to meal planning to home cleaning to planning your social calendar - organize your health goals with myLaci-Health ... In addition, experience optimum health & fitness at one of our Laci Fitness Centers - whether you are joining us for our daily aerobic classes, corporate training, or the 30day bootcamp to help you achieve your weight loss goals ... Energize and nourish at Laci Naturals natural food stores; sit down at our in-store natural fast food bar live! and enjoy one of our signature fresh fruit & vegetable live! juices - we also have an in-store naturopathic medical clinic offering natural solutions to preventing, healing, and managing ailments ... plus attend one of our health events including the Annual Health & Wellness Conference - Africa and live! Ladies Getaway ... and promote your social health with our unwinding and entertaining events at our social club Laci Club.
Financial Management; Set and track SMART financial goals with myLaci-Finances ... We also would love to have you as a partner - Laci Investments presents an opportunity to join or franchise our various businesses; LaciForexLaci FitnessLaci Naturals, and live! by lacinaturals.  Also buy or rent Homes, Cottages and Conference rooms at Laci Realty
• Laci Management offers  myLaci-B ... your very own business management system - a software that helps small businesses plan, organize, measure and lead a successful small businesses.  We will also customize the ideal training and development workshops with strategies and tools to help you get started or in growing your business and business team.  Laci management also offers business management support in marketing, finances, and projects management.  Meet the Laci Management Team.
• The honor is ours to serve and add value in our Community, generating solutions to the issues our Communities face through our charity organization Laci Foundation.  Our Laci Community Centers offer affordable Fitness Services, Community Events, and Programs for Youth, Seniors, Families, and Businesses.  Also Volunteer for our HowCanI Annual Project.  Oh, and by the way, thanks for your Donations most of which go towards our Calling and Business Development Funds.
Let Lacim help you in becoming the helpmate you were created to be.
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Let lacim help you in raising Remnants.
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